What’s your biggest fear? Well, for most people it’s public speaking. Lucky enough for me, it’s sharks, which doesn’t affect my business, only my willingness to swim out past the break. That being said, let me use this blog to explain how I recently expanded my business with a few public speaking engagements.

During January of 2016 I was contacted by Michelle James, owner and founder of Wireless Repair Events (among other things). Michelle is an entrepreneur, hustler and simply a nice and well connected lady in the repair industry. Given this is a phone repair blog, I want to talk about the recent events she has thrown and how I was involved and affected by those events.



Michelle found me on Linkedin and reached out to me because I had experience with digital marketing (working at Google and starting my own digital marketing agency in Philly). She also knew that I’ve started and sold multiple repairs companies, and was currently owning and growing this phone repair company as well. This was perfect because she was  hosting an event for CCA in Nashville known as Wireless Repair Roundup and she wanted me to speak about digital marketing for repair companies.

My dad always says, “Luck occurs when preparation meets opportunity”. I truly believe in the authenticity of this statement. Luck is prevalent in society, but is it luck, or is it natural selection of concurrent events leading to a greater purpose? I favor the latter. Regardless of your premonition, the importance of hard work can never be neglected. In April I was working 100 hour works, but it’s going to pay off. Michelle invited me down to Nashville where I was able to deliver the presentation to a room of 100+ industry experts who truly engaged with me (you can see the video below). Afterwards I was able to really connect with a lot of repair shop owners and smart people who cared about the industry and what digital marketing meant to them.

wrr_momentum-gr The CCA Event in Nashville made a big impact on my business from a marketing perspective (my main gig is running a digital marketing agency in Philly) as I was then invited to speak at CTIA in Vegas this past September. Once again I flew out and crafted a presentation in which I split time with Tom Peck from Fix Finder. We spoke about digital marketing and lead generation for repair companies. This is pivotal because every repair business, especially electronics repair, cares about getting more leads, calls and business. The presentation was the “5 Steps to Getting on the 1st Page of Google”. You can download my presentation I used in Vegas here. Not only did this event go well (despite having food poisoning for the first time), it opened my eyes up to the massive industry and how I can leverage my knowledge to position myself as the digital marketing expert for repair companies.

That being the case, I have since been able to network with the biggest repair company names in the nation. I won’t mention any now, but I will give you the list of 5 hints to showing up higher on Google, which will inherently increase your traffic and business as a repair entity.


1| On Page SEO
Website, Metadata, Content, Tagging, Keywords

2 | Off Site SEO
Backlinks, Blogs, PR

3 | Webmaster Tools
Google Search Console

4| Local Search
Local Listings, Citations, Google My Business

5| Reputation Management
Reviews, Social Media, Media


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