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Have you ever made a bad hiring decision? We all have! Yet we continually get fooled by applicants that will tell us whatever we want to hear to get the JOB. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that hiring is difficult when you consider:

  • Over 55% of the information on a resume has been embellished.
  • Over 85% of hiring managers have never been formally trained on how to hire the right person.
  • And most shockingly, 99% of us would rather stick a hot needle in our own eyeball than have to interview someone.

Have no more hiring fears, because JB’s session is here! Jonathan Bergman, CEO and Better Hiring Enthusiast of Hire Well Now will share 10 secrets his better hiring team uses every day to find, screen, hire and RETAIN the RIGHT FIT TALENT for his wireless retail clients.


Jonathan Bergman, President

Jonathan, “JB,” is the president and founder of Hire Well Now (HWN), an employee recruiting and retention consultancy. Through a unique suite of tools and resources to recruit, screen, hire, onboard and retain the right people, JB and his team have consulted a wide variety of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket and U.S. Cellular retailers in developing employees for long-term success.