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Clifton Robbins, In-store Design Guru

Clifton is a customer development innovator backed by a team of committed industry experts that are continuously reinventing the purpose and process of building out physical spaces and consumer interactions. His professional career in the retail environmental and merchandising industry has been firmly rooted over the past 17 years. With a formal education in design, engineering, technical management, and entrepreneurship coupled with real world national and global execution experience, Clifton has a reputation of delivering world class-branded dealer programs and POP solutions. He is a consultant, program director, and trusted partner to independent store owners, not to mention many of the largest retailers, distributors, and brands in the world, some of which include; Brightstar, Hallmark, Sprint, Boost and Virgin Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Blackhawk Network, Specialized Bicycle Company, Monster Electronics, Hudson News, and Yamaha.