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Armando Alvarez, Executive Vice President

Armando Alvarez spent 27 years with Best Buy as VP of Stores for 20 years. Then another 7 years in the Home Services Division helping grow over 20,000 technicians responsible for both the in-home services and stores services. Helped build Geek Squad City with over 1,100 technicians and 275,000 sq ft of space who performed over one million repairs on an annual basis. Responsible for refurbishment, parts reclamation and parts harvesting. He retired 3 years ago from BestBuy and since had his arm twisted (not really) by Mr Hutto, the CEO of Staymobile to come out of retirement to join him in the pursuit the exciting wireless repair channel where for the last 7 months he has added tremendous value as Executive VP of Stores and Operations at Staymobile.