Power Panel Discussion Participants Pick Apart 4 Greatest Pain Points Facing Repair Industry Today

KC Kelly, iQue Repair

KC Kelly is the owner and founder of iQue Repair. As acting CEO he ensures quality and excellence in all areas from the ground up. He is an entrepreneur and a dreamer, but ultimately a “doer.” iQue Repair is broken down into 4 key pillars: repair, buy/sell/trade of devices, warranty and accessories. iQue Repair even offers waterproofing on devices with their warranty protection services! One of KC’s many 15 minutes of fame includes appearing on the infamous CNBC  hit show, West Texas Investor’s Club! 

Carl Comeaux, Fix My Phone®

Carl Comeaux serves as Fix My Phone® President and Chief Operating Officer, leading the company’s marketing, management, business development, and operations. He also has an extensive background in product development and public relations.

Dave Takushi, eTech Training

Dave Takushi, the Director of Business Services at eTech Training, previously spent 12 years as an Area Developer and Franchisee for Wireless Toyz as well as 7 years as the owner and operator of St. Louis Cell Phone Repair. His knowledge and experience in the field make him an excellent addition to our panel of experts by providing solutions to some of the challenges of the wireless repair industry.

Pedro “Pete” Ferrer, TechRx smartphone and tablet repair

With 20+ years in the customer service industry Pedro “Pete” Ferrer founded TechRx smartphone and tablet repair in 2013 driven by the combination of a passion for mobile electronics, a passion for repair and an instinct for entrepreneurship. Pete is mostly excited about witnessing and being part of the birth of the mobile device repair industry which in a short time has reached over 4 Billion dollars a year in revenue. “We are at a unique point in time where WE are the pioneers of an industry and have the opportunity to ride the wave of growth and be part of something bigger than just a new venture.”